Biking Concert Tous

Here you can read about the different concert tours I have done by bicycle.

What I love the most about this way of touring, is that it gives new life to the music.

In Bachs Footsteps - From Arnstadt to Lübeck 2017

1.000 Km Cello - Along the Rhine River 2018

500 km Cello - All the way through Denmark 2019

Cello Tandem Tour - Through Denmark with other musicians - 2020

Tour de Fyn - Cooperation with Danish Cyclist Federation. "Fyn Cykler Sammen" 700 km, 19 concerts in 11 days - 2021

Tandem på Klangveje - Hærevjen from Skagen to Flensborg on a tandem with guitar player Frederik Munk Larsen. August 2021

Other projekts