1.000 km Cello

Follow me on a 1.000 km concert tour by bike in the spring.
I'm taking classical music on an adventure outside the conventional settings.

I will play J.S. Bach and my own compositions on a cello that I have built myself.

The tour goes along the magical Rhine river, which has been a source of inspiration for artists for centuries.

I hope to meet a muse or two along the route, who will sing me one of their secret melodies.

Along the river I'll play 36 concerts at castles, cafes, schools, churches and campsites, and hopefully meet a lot of fellow bike- and cello-enthusiasts.
- Maybe trade a piece of cello music for a local speciality?

You can also follow the tour on Facebook: Ida Johanne Kühn Riegels

Link to high resolution Photos for dowload: Press photos


27/8 2018 - An italian article

Emanuele Rigitano wrote tis article in Lifegate magazine:

Il viaggio in bici di 1000 km col violoncello autocostruito di Ida Riegels

15/7 2018 - My dad is reading about

his cello-biking daughter in Politiken.
I grew up with this newspaper in our house every day, and this weekend they made an article about my tour.
You can read what Rune Højrup Bencke wrote here:

Politikens artikel








12/7 2018 - Front page again

Joram Menzer met me for an interview in Birkerød where my roots are.

Here is the article in Frederiskbor Amts avis:








20/6 2018 - How are you?

Ruth Spitzenpfeil is a journalist from Südostschweiz Zeitung. She came for the first concert of the tour, and just as I came back to Copenhagen she called me to hear if everything went well. - How kind!

















19/6 2018 - Luister Article

Luister means 'listen' in dutch and is a music magazine in Holland.

Here you can read their article about my tour (in dutch):

Luister Article

18/6 2018 - I grew up without... 

...TV, but this evening I was on the screen in 'Aftenshowet' with my cello:








15/6 2018 - Algemeen Dagblad Rotterdam

I had the pleasure to bike the last 30 km together with journalist Nadia Berkalder from Rotterdam newspaper.

She made a video about the last km:

AD Video

If you understand dutch you can read about what kind of surprice I had for the final concert at Hoek van Holland:

AD article




14/6 2018 - First row!

I think they were already there half an hour before the concert, ensuring to get first row right in the middle.
I really like to have somebody close to me and the cello when I play. It is one of the best ways to make music come alive.

Thanks for being my muses, you two in the first row in Paulus Kerk Rotterdam.

- And thanks to organ player Jan Blankers! It was wonderful to play together with you.





12/6 2018 - Holland

The last country on the tour.
Holland and Denmark are quite similar regarding culture, nature AND Biking tradition! - The bike roads here are amazing.
















11/6 2018 - Staying in a yurd

A muse came by and whispered a song for my cello. Had to stay up all night and write it down...












10/6 2018 - "Are you in love?"

After the concert in Arnhem today, Yfke's mom came to me and said that her daughter had a question, but that she was too shy to ask.

Yfke just started playing the cello herself a few months ago, and she looked at me with the most poetic smile while her mom explained to me that her question was, if I was in love with my cello...?

I didn't know it was so obvious, but yes, I think I am.







I think Yfke is one of a kind. She also had this suggestion for a name for my name-less piece:

'Je geest komt in je' = 'Your spirit arrives in you'









8/6 2018 -" This young dane breaks the boundaries...

...of the common perception of a formally dressed cellist in an orchestra pit."

Article: Idas vilde rejse

Kasper Madsbøll Christensen from DR.DK made this article.







7/6 2018 - When swans are dancing

One of those rare moments along the Rhine

I think they enjoyed both Bach and Saint-Saiens (you know - The Swan of course)

Here is a short video:Swan video









6/6 2018 - The Strad

'The Strad' is a UK based classical magazine, and one of the most interesting magazines I know.

I'm really honored, that they made an article about the tour and the horse concert.
Read here if you like:

Horses fascinated by cello playing


5/6 2018 - SWR2 Tandem

Martin Gramlich and Martina Kögl called me for a talk about the tour.

SWR interview










5/6 2018 - Performance at a university

Had the pleasure to perform and tell about the tour at KatHO NWR in Köln.
The auditorium was full, and in the photo you can see me explaining the route of the tour, and how to coordinate concert bookings.












4/6 2018 - Magical acoustics

St. Gereon in Köln is one of Germany's oldest churches dating back to 612.

In our first correspondance Kantor Jürgen von Moock wrote to me:
"I think you will love this church. The high dome constuction has a joint back hall that makes the the acoustics incredible smooth and articulated"

I'll never forget this church. Each tone was flying from the cello up high in the room as if leaving for the higher heavens of music.





4/6 2018 - Domradio.de - Live stream 

Just next to the Kölner Dom is the house of the Domradio.de. 
I was invited for an interview and a live stream from the roof:

Radio interview

Here is the Face Book live stream:

Face book video











2/6 2018 - Detour on a castle

Schloss MaHlberg is a castle next to the rhine, but

Schloss Malberg is 150 km west in low mountains. 

By mistake I contacted Schloss Malberg far from my route. But couldn't say no to an invitation to play on a 300 years old castle in a vulcano area.

Luckily Bernhard and Gerti Gies picked me up by car.







Schloss Malberg















1/6 2018 - Review

"Virtuos mit einem Capriccio, legt Ida Johanne Kühn Riegels los. - Das Publikum ist mucksmäuschenstill..."

"Virtuously Ida Johanne Kühn Riegels starts with a capriccio. - The audience is quiet like a mouse..."









31/5 2018 - Can you believe this?!

Lorelei exists! 
And she was there for the concert in Kamp-Bornhofen.

I had been waiting for her for hours at the Lorelei cliff for full moon two days before. But didn't see or hear her.
Just as I was getting ready for the last piece in the concert - wich is called Lorelei - she was suddenly there. Right on stage with me, ready to hear the piece that I have composed for her!

Absolutely unforgettable!

(Her real name is Theresa Lambrich and she is the Lorelei representative for 3 years)

Photo Bernhard Geis


31/5 2018 - A very well made reportage

SWR Landesschau - 1000 km Cello













30/5 2018 - The bravest camera man

He was balancing on the edge as we  were recording for SWR3 TV.

This middle part of the Rhine is gorgeous!











21/5 2018 - "Dear miss Riegels. Would you like to

play a duet?"
This was the kind request from cellist Marcus Frey.

I think when you play together you get to know each other 10 times faster and deeper as when you talk.
In 41 km we performed two spontanious concerts, and earned enough for a nice lunch.

I can say that for sure there are not many cellists like Mr Frey, and not many cellos like his.
From the first moment he saw it on the wall at his cusin, he knew that this mystical and dark instrument, was his life companion.

If you hear him playing it, you will know how sweet the sound of melancoly can be.


20/5 2018 - Danish radio P1 Kultur - "The biking Cellist"

This is a wonderful program. Michael Bojesen called me while I had a stop over in Strasbourg. The program is in danish.

In the program you can also hear a bit of the sound of my cello.

DR P1 radio


19/5 2018 - TV reportage about "1000 km Cello"

The reportage starts at 18.40:










20/5 2018 - Music excange 1

What can you trade for a piece of cello music?

One day I was lucky to meet Werner - a very skilled smith - on the road. 
I showed him my 600 EUR Japaneese, brass and titanium endpin, and told him my theory, that stainless steel is even better for this.

Next day I got a message that he had already made an endpin in 'Edelstahl' for me.

We met at this blue lake and traded the endpin for a private open air concert.

My theory was right! Stainless steel makes the deep register even deeper and warmer, with a faster response, and the upper register smooth and elegant. - Thanks a lot Werner.

- If you want to order one yourself, write me an email.



17/5 2018 - SWR 2 Radio reportage 

If you speak german, listen here. Moritz Chelius from german radio biked along for one day and made this reportage from the road and the concert:

SWR 2 reportage

Article SWR





12/5 2018 - My travel mate

The evening before the first concert I made the last adjustment on the cello with a small file in a hotel in Basel.

A cello develops it's character over the first 50 years, but during this first part of the tour, it has already showed a lot of personality. The tone is warming up - so to say - getting more and more colors.

I'm really happy with my charming travel mate. We keep getting to know each other better and better sharing everything from the bike to the hotels and interesting meetings.









11/5 2018 - Making TV

Today I made TV with SWR in Riegel am Kaiserstuhl.

We talked about music as a universal language connecting people across cultures.

In the evening they recorded from the concert I played with the two local musicians - Hanna Heicke and Holger Schröder.









10/5 2018 - For the first time

With Hanna Heike and Holger Schröder my new cello played piano trio for the first time.

The photo says it all.











Post-concert 'hygge' at the terrace by Christoph and Gerhild Lauter.













7/5 2018 - After the concert...

... we had a great party.
This photo was taken around 2.30 AM as most people had gone to bed. The 3 of us couldn't stop though because Christoph Pampuch played one godly piece after another on his harp.
I don't know what it was, but for sure it was how music should be.

Christoph explained the Harp to us.
The box is considered the earth and the curved part above is like the heavens. (Here the strings are tuned)

The strings are like a human being streched between the two dimensions. Yearning for the heavens but bound to the physical world. If they aren't tense, they can't make any sound.

If everything is just cosy, there is no tension and no source of music.

7/5 2018 - What is that?

Palyed a mini performance at Bad Säckingen hairdresser school today.
"What is that instrument you are playing?" Toprak asked. - "Can I try?"

He played it very well for a first time player.







6/5 2018 - Wundertoll

Very soon Thea will be 6 years old, and I was simply very touched when she came to me after the concert and said: 

"It was wundertoll!"

" - wundertoll?" I asked. "Is that really a word?"

"Yes of course."

"What did you like the best?"

"All of it!" 

Thanks for teaching me a new word Thea. That was the best way to learn wundertoll.



6/5 2018 - So cute

In Mönthal I was warmly welcomed and hosted by  Pfarrer Thorsten Bunz and his family in their house from 1680! (- That is before Bach was born.)

Look what they had at 2nd floor:

Kittens video





5/5 2018 - Sharing the road

Daniel Stotz is a highly experienced cyclist and linguist, who has been almos everywhere with his bike. 

On his last tour he found nothing less than 80 languages within Europe.
Take a look at his blog here:

Daniel Stotz - 80 Languages

For one day we shared the roads and a good deal of thoughts along the Rhine, and he made this super cool video showing that I actually really bike:

Crosing the Rhine Video




4/5 2018 - I can help you

My finger is slowly getting better after a blood poisoning and two operations right before the tour started, but I still don't dare to show it to anybody.

After the concert in Glattefelden Franziska Schlegel arranged the most healing camomille treatment. She made it look very much more like something you can use for playing cello.

Franziska is amazing, an endless flow of creativity and vigor.








4/5 2018 - Horse concert

Classical music is for all!

Look at this video from the horse concert at Eschbach Horsemanship

Horse Concert video







2/5 2018 - I couldn't say no

After the evening concert in Spitzkirche today, I had planned to bike 37 km to Koblenz, to be ready to play in Döttingen tomorrow morning at 9 AM.

It was starting to rain and I knew I would arrive at the b and b after midnight. So, as sent by an angle, Bruno Wälte was there asking if I really wanted to bike, or if I wanted to come with him by car.

Who could say no to that?















1/5 - The power of nature

The Rhinefall was an experience I will never forget.

The force with wich, endless amounts of water is falling down over the rocks...!

The water: never stopping, never hesitating, always on it's way.

A big thanks to Marina Peter for showing me around in the beautiful area, and taking me all the way down to the bottom of the waterfall. 
Our talk over a hot chocoate afterwards was equally wonderful. 















30/4 2018 - Meeting Velo-mates

Frohe Radler Lottstetten had invited me to come and play.

We met 10 km before th concert venue and biked together along the river.

There was a full house for th concert and the party went on till 2AM






















30/4 2018 - Wisiting two violin makers

In Dissenhofen I met with Martin and Michéle Kuhn in their workshop

They are both violin makers, and wonderful people.

I got some advice for varnishing, and especialy for preparing for the first coat of varnish.
- So now I have to find a vulcano and collect some ash, that I can treat the wood surface with.
- I'm glad the advice didn't include dragon blood.





29/4 2018 - As I woke up

at the Airbnb next to Schloss Glarisegg, there was a cellist doing yoga in the morning sun. 

In the photo he plays Brahms e-minor Sonata on my unvarnished cello.










28/4 2018 - A special invitation

In Salmsach I was generously invited on a boat tour at the Bodensee by Pfarrer Ruedi Bertschi before the concert.

What an ispiring experience!






















24/4 2018 - As I was practicing in a park

... a little group of teenagers came by and decided to coordinate a dance.

This was a great preparation for the concert in St Laurenzen Kirche.

Look at this short video: Dancing and cello






23/4 2018 - She made my day, without knowing

This was a warm spring evening on a square in Chur. I unpacked my cello, sat on a little fontaine and started playing.
On a bench in a corner, a young couple were talking and giggling, aparently on a first date.
Then a family with two kids passed by. They stopped to listen to the music, and after a few wondering looks from the little girl she took off her shoes and started dancing the most wonderful spontanious and innocent dance.

What else could a travelling cellist dream of?


22/4 2018 - A little trick

Went through Ruinalta's huge hills and valleys today.

At this very narrow top with vertical edges, my knees got a bit shaky.
I'm not particularly afraid of heights, but fortunately just enough to use it in a little trick.

If I have a challenging concert, an audition or an exsam - something that is important and makes you nervous - I sometimes go up somewhere high a few days before.
Going up there I exercise my ability to stay calm and focused moment for moment. You could say the ability to keep the adrenalin level as low as possible. - just like in the concert situation.

For me it is a very effective way to prepare.  (- must be better than Betablocker)

Another performance-preperation-element is 'tuning the mind' - but that is another blog-post.








21/4 2018 - Front page story

"Frau mit Freiheitsdrang" - Lady with a taste for freedom.

That is the desciption of the project in Südostschweizer newspaper today.

I was very impressed with the journalist Ruth Spitzenfeil and the photographer Maco Hartmann - he even brought a drone with a camera.

I'll link to the video he made here, when I get better Wifi connection.






























20/4 2018 - A duet with 'Vater Rhein' at the first flowing part of the river

It was a joy to play the opening concert here in the clearest air and brightest sunlight.

While I was playing a duet with the flowing water, in this snowy landscape, two butterflies were playing around with each other just around the cello.

- What a wonderful concert venue!








































19/4 2018 - Crossing through Luzern

I'll have to find an excuse to come back here some time, it is so picturesque.

Anybody living in Luzern interested in a conert? - let me know.
















18/4 2018 - Cello premiere

In the hotel in the evening before, I finished the last details with a mini file i brought.

I could only practise for 20 min because of my operated finger on the bow hand, but that was enough to get an impression of the sound of this brand new instrument.

I think both I and the audience enjoyed the warm and friendly sound of this one-day-old-cello in the huge Elisabethen church in Basel.













16/4 2018 - Südostschweiz Zeitung 




26/3 2018 - Louis-Hansen Fonden

Louis-Hansen Fonden supports big projects like 'Statens Naturhistoriske Museeum', 'Experimentarium', 'SMK' and 'Concerto Copenhagen'.

- And now they also support this one-man project, that aims to bring classical music as close to the listeners as possible.

It means a lot to be supported. Among other things it means that I don't have to bring a tent.

I'm honored!

19/3 2018 - Statens Kunstfond supports the tour 



Danish Arts Foundation supports: "Danish professional musician's international transport expenses for concerts abroad".
I am very grateful they have chosen to support my project about bringing classical music to the doorstep of the listeners.
- Now I can book the train ticket to Tschamut (the source of the Rhine).

15/02 2018 - is it sold out?

I planned for 20 concerts, but now there are 30 or more.

I'm starting to wonder, how many concerts one can play in two months, and still have time to bike 1000 km.

Check out the tourplan here: Tourplan





19/01 2018 - EuroVelo interview

It occurred to me, that I have never biked 1000 km with my cello along the Rhine river to play concerts. 
So I though - I better do it!
EuroVelo asked me some clarifying questions, like: "Why do you want to do that?"

EuroVelo asked me some clarifying questions about the tour, like: "Why do you want to do that?"

Interview: EuroVelo routes are just perfect for biking concert tours!







08/01 2018 - I'm very happy to announce:

The date and venue of the opening concert is found.

The first place where the Rhine has flowing water in April is just outside of the village Tschamut.

If you happen to be in the area, come by (and bring your own chair if you need one).

Cordinates: 46.653530"N - 8.702982"E 

Opening concert:
April 20th at 16.00
Entrance: free


06/01 2018 - When it is finished, I'll take it on an adventure

A short video about the project:

1000 km Cello - Eine Konzertreise mit dem Fahrrad

1000 km Cello - A concert tour by bike




01/12 2017 - Biking and well-being

There are innumerable studies showing that biking improves both your physical and mental well-being.

I think well-being is essential to creativity.
I always enjoy biking and a lot of the music I have composed is invented on my bike.




25/11 2017 - I feel lucky

The foundation 'Frimodt-Heineke Fonden' supports both environmental and artistic purposes, and I'm very grateful that they have decided to support this "cultural-environmentally-friendly" project.

Now I can start arranging concerts!



22/11 2017 - The music for the tour

This is a music video of one of the pieces for the tour:

Capriccio Rosso, Ida Riegels

Bach will also be on the program:

J.S. Bach, Prelude in G-major


20/11 2017 - The cello for the tour

As you can see it is not finished yet, but almost all the music is ready.

You can follow the making of the cello here:

Building a cello Blog





18/11 2017 - The route

This is the route. 
The Rhine starts in the Swiss Alps and ends after 1233 km in Holland where it meets the North Sea.

For generations artists have been inspired by the muses along this mythical river. I hope to meet some...